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"Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Or so they say. We do both.

We provide bespoke advice on the conduct of major negotiations. Our advisory service can take several forms.

Assisting a negotiating team in planning for a negotiation

Assisting a negotiating team in planning for a negotiation
By applying our Planning Tools to the current negotiation, and providing advice on specific techniques to use at the table.  This is most effective when the negotiators have already attended our Masterclass.

E.g. we advised a private equity firm on the disposal of a company in a situation where there was only one potential buyer – and the buyer knew this!  The client judged that the sale price had been improved by between £25 and £50 million by following our advice.

Continuing to provide advice throughout an extended (multi-meeting) negotiation

This may include sitting in on the negotiations as an Observer.

E.g. we advised the developer of a renewable energy project through a series of negotiations with advisors and potential investors.

A combined training and consulting project

A Masterclass for the team about to be involved in a major negotiation, with a specific focus on planning and teamwork for that negotiation.

E.g. we trained and prepared a team for the negotiation of a very large and complex property joint venture. A major focus of this project was managing complexity through multi-level meetings using a consistent process, and integrating the results at the top level. The client said afterwards “We could never have got the deal done without your help.” The same client then brought us in for a similar project. He reported “We saved £50m in the first 30 minutes of our negotiations with [the other side], just because of that training”

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